"Creating Artist and Careers"

Bobby G. Summers
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Bobby G. Summers Is A Musical Veteran, Born On May 9, 1957. For Several Years, He Has Been Known As A Creative Force In The Music Industry, And Has Decided To Bring His Talent To The Forefront. Bobby G. Summers Has An Extensive History Of Performing With Top Name Musicians, And Artists In The Industry As Well As Writing, Producing. He Is The Co-Founder Of The 80’s Hit Group, “The Deele” Along With Antonio “LA” Reid And Later Including Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds.

In 1992, Summers began working with the Bar-Kays on their 48 Hours album, producing and co-writing several of the album's songs. In addition to his studio work, Summers toured with the Bar-Kays and both directed and performed with the Enterprise Orchestra featuring Al Green, a relationship that endured for more than ten years. Bobby G. Says," I Wanted To Do A CD That Encompasses Traces Of OldSkool Funk Grooves A Little HIP-HOP Vibe And A Whole Lot Of Soul, Using My Knowledge Of Record Making (Analogue) Combined With Latest Form Of Digital Technology. I Feel It Came Out Very Well Both Sonically And Danceability Wise If Those Are Even Words Ha Ha!! I Hope Everyone Can Relate". Bobby G. Also States That," I Have Found In My Life That It Doesn’t Matter Where You’re From, What Matters Is Where You Are Now And Where You’re Going “Bobby G Summers”

Steve T. Buckley
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Steve T. Buckley III was born August 25, 1946 in Little Rock, Arkansas. I started working for Paul Isbell, Al Bell’s brother in a department called Retail Relations, Field Sales, & Marketing Research.” Within a few months Steve was promoted to Director and headed up that department.  From 1978 to 1984, Steve worked at Capitol where he moved from doing sales and marketing in the DC branch to Miami where he became Regional Promotions Manager. In January of 1985, Steve moved to Motown where he later became Vice President of A&R. Here he worked with artist such as Chico Debarge, El Debarge, General Kane, Vanity, The Commodores, Debarge, LioneL Richie, The Temptations, Four Tops, Dazz Band, and Stevie Wonder. Upon returning from MIDEM Music Conference in Cannes, France last month Steve’s most recent venture is the formation of Musiq Musiq, a label with Global Distribution, partnering with Bobby G. Summers and Willie Sept. 

Willie R. Sept
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Willie R. Sept is a Master Contractor and multi-business owner in the city of Baton Rouge.  He met “Bobby G” Summers in November 2018.  Willie partnered with Bobby G and they began construction, based on the vision of Bobby G.  After which, The Funky Dungeon Recording Studio had a home.  Willie enjoys all genres of music and has a great ear for vocal talent. He helps in the A/R department by searching for new and upcoming talent. Willie is also a consultant for the company thus earning him the nickname of: Mr. Myagi

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Victoria Montanolopez

Victoria Montanolopez-Miller, 27, launched her artistic career in 2018, starting as a product model for Romantic PJ’s, a natural-fiber accessories company. Teamed with Ayin Management, Victoria contributed as a director, actor, and narrator to the short film “Confidence Hat.” She acted in the 2019 releases of the music videos “Tantrum,” “So Tired,” “Like A Rocket” and others. That same year, Victoria assisted in the direction of the short film, “Momma’s Boyfriend” with filmmaker Empress PJ Crosby. She was the line director for the 2021 short film, “Pink Scooter.” Victoria can be seen in Bobby G Summers’ August 2021 music video, “Oh Daddy-O.” Modeling for photographer Jalisa Covington, Victoria is featured in the September 2021 of FEMI Magazine. Her management of various clothiers spans seven years, employing inventory and labor practices fitting for a high-end fashion line. Victoria earned an Associate degree in Arts in 2015, and is now managing PR for Musiq Musiq.