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The Funky Dungeon Studio was Inspired by the vintage era of recording studios But using the latest recording technology the main DAW being Presonus Studio One 5 Pro. Also available is
Pro Tools, Luna, Abelton Live and Mixbus



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"OH Daddy-O"

R&B / Soul / Funk 
Baton Rouge, LA

Could you imagine a world without music, well neither could the young Bobby G Summers. At the ripe age of a 7 years a little boy from Indiana had a dream that would one day turn into fruition. Bobby G Summers wanted to become a musician. Bobby’s family attended church often and his cousin Steven Ball whom he had a very close relationship with was the lead organist. Steven took young Bobby under his wing and taught him the organ and piano. Not too long after Steven, created a band and allowed Bobby to play all the instruments. Bobby was stellar on the drums but also could play the bass and guitar. Bobby has been beyond blessed with his “God given” talents. He has the ability to play all instruments but the keys are his main instrument. Bobby’s skilled musical ability is not only limited to instruments but he is also a vocal force to be reckoned with. His sultry tone can cover all genres from R&B, Jazz, Contemporary or sometimes even blues. He often states his best attributes as an artist  is that “ability to sing and play pretty much any genre of musiq and I mean any”. 


In 1969 Bobby G Summers began his musical journey that has spanned over several decades of great music and opportunities. Bobby has been blessed to perform worldwide from the states to the UK . He is also the co-founder of the 80’s hit group, “The Deele”, along with Antonio “LA” Reid and later including Kenneth “Baby- face ”Edmonds, Summers advanced writing style and powerful performances attributed to the bands prominent panache. Bobby has been very influential in music and has had the opportunity to play with some of music elites, and has become well known and respected  in the music community. After leaving the band he wrote, performed and produced with the Motown Recording Artist, “General Kane”. Summers collaborated on such tunes as “Crack Killed Applejack” and “Can’t Let Go".  Following these attributes, Bobby G, joined the “Bar-Kays”, creating the unforgettable anthem “The Slide”. His work on the 1994 “48 Hrs” CD signaled what was ahead for him as a writer, producer, arranger and performer. He co- wrote 5 of the songs and toured with the band for several years.  Bobby is more than just a vocalist and pianist his ability to create and complete songs as well as engineer and master quality tracks sets him apart from the average artist. Between working with the Bar-Kays and engineering in the studio with various artists and producers including, the great Poppa Willie Mitchell and award winning engineer William Brown (Stax Records). Summers was asked to perform and direct the Enterprise Orchestra, a band otherwise headed by the Rev. Al Green himself. Bobby assumed the role and toured with the Reverend and the band for over 15 years.


In 2006, Summers began touring with The Family Stone domestically and overseas, filling in for Sly himself.  Throughout the years Bobby has gained many accolades he has played on tracks that have won some Gold/Platinum Plaques and also tracks that were  nominated for a Grammy for a Contemporary Christian Band called "Big Tent Revival" album named "Open All Night". He has been acknowledged for his supporting role on many great projects.  Although his greatest achievement is his daughter Camille La’Shea Summers. Bobby has been inspired by many musicians and producers.  Several of the greats such as the Beatles,  P-Funk/Sly Stone/George Duke R.I.P./Herbie Hancock/Billy Preston R.I.P. Billy.  


Over the years Bobby has really never thought of himself as an artist, more like the supporting cast. Bobbys" career changed directions in 2015.  Bobby G. Summers announced the release of his New Single “If you Love Someone”, in December 2019.  He is currently working on a project that includes OldSkool, Funk Grooves, Hip Hop, and a whole lot of Soul.  Bobby has released several songs on his own label Musiq/Musiq, most recently his 2021 releases "Bowlegged Cutie"(#6 Southern Soul Top 20) and "Oh Daddy-O" on the rise.


 "Always remember, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. What matters is where you are now, and where you’re going”.

                                                                             Bobby G. Summers

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